The people of Zanzibar

Zanzibar KidsThe influence of the Arabs is very much evident among the people in Zanzibar.
However, a mixture of ethic backgrounds is also at work among them. The Shirazias from Persia, the Comororians from the Island of Comoros and the Bantus from the mainland also played an effect among them. Minority of influences came from the Asians and Europeans.

The people of Zanzibar were classified into three groups: the Wahadimu, the Watumbatu and the Pemba Island inhabitants called Wapemba. Their native tongue is called Swahili. Locally, it is known as Kiswahili. Among the islanders, English is commonly used and a percentage of Zanzibar inhabitants speak the Arabic Language.

Majority of the people of Zanzibar are engaged in fishing and agriculture. The reason why Zanzibar is called The Spice Land is that it was once the largest producer of cloves. Ninety seven percent of the population of Zanzibar applies the Islamic faith while the rest practices Hindu. Christianity also influences a number of the inhabitants.

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